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Interior Designers In Chennai

Creativity and Design Thinking is what defines us

It is said that life attracts what surrounds a person. If a person thinks about it, where is it that they spend most of their time? There will only be one answer to it, Home. Everyone loves their home, because that is where the heart is. For a hale and healthy heart the home needs to be surrounded by goodness and beauty. And that calls for a charming and curated living space within the walls of the house.

Vrist, interior designers in Chennai brings this thought to life. Creativity and design thinking are the foundation of their work. And they are the go-to people for all your interior design needs. Vrist are among the best Home Interior Designers in Chennai. They thrive to produce good works of design to transform a house or a building into a home. With passion and out of the box thinking their wonderful team of skilled designers has proven their mettle. And they continue to go beyond interiors and create a wonderful relationship with their clients.

Go on to see out work and discover why we are recognized as the best in what we do.

As one of the top interior design firms in Chennai, Vrist understands the importance of creating spaces that resonate with individual tastes and preferences. The talented team at Vrist comprises top interior designers who consistently deliver exceptional results. Whether you are looking for luxury interior designers in Chennai or seeking low-budget interior designers in Chennai, Vrist has the expertise to meet your needs.

Vrist Interiors is not just another interior design company in Chennai; it is a name synonymous with excellence and innovation. As one of the top interior design companies, Vrist takes pride in its ability to turn visions into reality, creating spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. For those in search of budget interior designers in Chennai, Vrist offers tailored solutions without compromising on quality.

Explore the world of possibilities with Vrist Interiors, where home interior designers in Chennai are committed to making your living space a true reflection of your style. Join the ranks of satisfied clients who have experienced the transformative touch of Vrist, making it the best interiors in Chennai.


It takes an artistic eye to see the beauty of it all in everything. And Vrist has such an eye for detail. We don't just deal with placing pretty objects set in symmetry and call it design. As one of the top interior designers in Chennai, our designers analyse your need, the setup of your house, the interiors you want and innovate design that is a class apart combined with international styles and art. The designers are highly read about the various styles involved in interior design and can twist it anyway you want and make anything look great.

Take a look at some styles our designers have worked on:

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Elegance in your Living Space

The living room is a gathering place for friends and family to come together and bond. An elegant living room speaks of class and style quotient. The living room space should have beautiful and dramatic drapes. Expressing themselves in grandeur is the way of sophisticated people.

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About us

Who we are

We are a mix of creative souls with the thirst for eye candy design. We love making things that look beautiful. Our thought always runs on the lines of anything beautiful and pleasing to the human eye. We love to see the picture of your dream home come to life. Adding value to your everyday living is what we strive to do. We believe in great interiors and design. We are VRIST.

VRIST, the product of Vijay Raja, is an interior design firm synonymous with quality and excellence. Based out of Chennai, we work hard in providing state of the art interiors to homeowners, since our inception. And since then we have worked beyond a business to building a bond with our customers.This has garnered us the reputation of being the most sought after Interior Designers and Decorators in Chennai.

What we do

Our designers put in all their effort in putting together our customer's wish of a dream home.They have been interior designers decorating homes in Chennai long enough that they have seen the sense and sensibility of the people evolve over time. With that knowledge and experience they have put together a variety of choices which give a wide range of colours, patterns, designs and set ups you can choose from. These are designs that hold an artistic and aesthetic value that will uplift your mood and senses while living with them. They are drawn with a mix of precise engineering, quality craftsmanship and out of the box thinking ensured to make a change in your life. And it is our assurance for the longevity and quality of this design. You have a word and work for it.

What we aim for

Design that is impeccable:

Our team of very passionate and dynamic designers work on various styles of design and are kept up to date with the latest trends in design. They work with you in putting together your dream home.

Top notch quality:

Quality work and design is what we always keep in mind when we work. From the equipment used to design to the final material used we subscribe to and use the best available resources in the market. Our dedication to quality is visible in our work.


We always have a team of project managers and site supervisors at work to ensure that your transition to a better home is smooth and pleasant.


Our work is assured to last a lifetime. And we provide a 1 year replacement warranty and a 4 year service warranty to keep the design intact and perfect if there are any corrections in the work executed.


Here is an exhibition of our best works in the recent days.

The Process

Understand, analyse, design and execute, this is our mantra.

We take time in conversing with you. One by one we assimilate what your needs and your wishes. We discuss with you the possibility of bringing your dream to life. We understand what is that you want before we take the next step. Next we analyse what you wishes. We tackle its pros and cons, feasibility, usage and possibilities. We leave no stone unturned while analysing your needs. We debate on this keeping in mind your requirements and constraints. And we arrive at a conclusion. Designing is not just about art on paper, especially when it comes to interiors. It involves science and engineering taking into account factors like space, time, budget, aesthetics and functionality. Finally we execute our design with perfection and care. You will finally see your dream come to life.


The Team

Meet our think tank that brims with creative juices. Our expert designers have a glorious portfolio to their credit. They have earned the reputation of being the best interior designers and decorators in the city of Chennai. Their designs have been lauded by client and peers alike, which makes them what they are. Their creativity is their motivation, inspiration and the secret to their success.

Reach Us

Free Factory Visit

At Vrist, we are having 30,000 sq ft factory. If anyone want to visit, we welcome you for a free factory visit. For more details, please feel free to contact us. We provide cab & vehicle support for your hassle-free visit.

Transform your home now

You have seen us here on the site. Take the next step in creating your dream home idea into reality.

Vrist Office

Vrist Factory

  • 126 Survery No 812/3A, 812/3B & 812/2B
    Arakkonam Highway main road,
    Mappedu village, Perambakkam,
    Thiruvallur, Tamil Nadu, 631402